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Since 1982, Our Goal Has Been Simple:

Deliver Quality Work by Professionals to “Create The Most Satisfying, Highest-Quality, Complete Peace Of-Mind Remodeling Experience For Our Customers.”

How Do We Do It?

Our “Secret Sauce”

Here’s A Snapshot Of How We Deliver A
Stress-Proof, Budget-Proof,
Superior-Quality Project

Pinnacle Craftsmanship - We’ve been honing our craft since 1982. No one has the same reputation for quality. NO ONE.

Limitless Selection - We aren’t tied down to a few brands; we can install whatever is best for YOU. And if you don’t know what you want, we’ll help you decide.

Bang For Your Buck - Our high degree of volume with multiple locations keeps our prices low and our efficient installation techniques GUARANTEE a timely, budget-friendly project.

RSU Employees - All employees are screened, uniformed and thoroughly trained in installation and customer service to deliver a perfect, hassle-free project.

Customer Education - Our consultations are free of sales pressure and educate you on the best solution for your home.

You Dream It, We Design It - Our Design Experts will help bring your vision to life.

Our Expert Design & Remodeling Consultants Work With You To Create A Project That Suits Your Style, Needs, And Budget.

Our Elite Craftsmen Build You A Superior Project Using High Quality,
Tested-And-Proven Materials.

Our Award-Winning Customer Service Doesn’t Make You Feel Like A Top Priority... It Makes You Feel Like Our ONLY Priority.

At RSU, we have a simple philosophy. We demand immaculate quality from every part of a remodeling project: From design to project scheduling to construction... and, yes, to customer service.

Here’s how we deliver TRUE quality for house renovations in Nashville, Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas—from start to finish.

"Zero-Stress” Project Management. We have complete respect for you and your home. We outline your project’s schedule before beginning construction to help prevent project delays and cost overruns, and we protect and care for your possessions like they were our own. We can even setup temporary living spaces while your project is being worked on to minimize the disturbance to your daily routine.

Champions Of Customer Service. Our customer-service model allows us to dedicate more time and resources to your project. We can provide you with things that smaller remodelers can’t and bigger remodelers won’t, such as a dedicated Project Supervisor, cell phone numbers of RSU team members, and access to our 24/7 emergency hotline.

Superior Craftsmanship. We’re obsessed with ensuring your satisfaction. That’s why we thoroughly train and screen our craftsmen, hold multiple walkthroughs with you throughout the project to ensure it’s going exactly as planned, and perform an exhaustive final inspection to make sure every detail is right.

The Bottom Line. We’re big enough to have the resources to do the job right and finish on time... but have a small company, “treat-you-like-family” attitude that’s rare among bigger remodelers. If that sounds like the kind of home improvement company near Chattanooga and Nashville that you’re looking for, Canada Goose trillium parka sale official for a free, no-pressure consultation. We’d be honored to discuss your project with you.