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Five Advantages of Finishing Out Your Basement 

Are you looking for additional space in your home? Have you been dreaming of the perfect home office, gym, or recreation room that could turn your basement into a far more useful space? While basements are […]

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Bedroom Renovations: Creating the Master Suite You Deserve 

Your master bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. The bedroom and en suite bathroom are supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation, but for some this place to which they retreat for […]

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attic under construction to be finished out

Finishing Out Your Attic: How Does It Work? 

  Many homes have unfinished attics, whether they were built within the decade or are much older. Finishing out your attic can be a smart way to add space without changing the exterior look of […]

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interior of a renovated home in Middle Tennessee

Love Your Location but Not the House? All About Whole Home Remodels

Location is often the most important factor when shopping for a home. It is the hardest thing — and usually not even an option — to change. Virtually all of the rest can be scrapped or altered. If you live in a home or […]

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image of a beautifully renovated kitchen in Middle Tennessee

What to Expect During Your Kitchen Renovation

  The excitement of remodeling can often be tempered by anxiety about living in a partially under-construction home. When it comes to renovating your kitchen, this stress can increase as you consider losing access to […]

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image of the RSU Contractors van on set at HGTV's Property Brothers

Four Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Renovations Contractor

Your home is a source of pride and comfort to you and your family. As it becomes time to expand or renovate your existing space, you want a contractor who understands both your home and […]

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image of a recently renovated bathroom featuring classic finishes

Bathroom Renovations: Choosing Finishes that Will Outlast Trends 

When renovating a bathroom, homeowners are faced with a multitude of choices, from tile and flooring to plumbing fixtures and vanity design. There are certain materials and colors that may top all the recent popularity […]

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Adding a Second Story onto Your Home

There are many reasons why a second-story addition could make sense for your home renovation. Foundation work is one of the most expensive phases of construction, and adding a second story to your existing home […]

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outdoor kitchen

RSU Answers 6 Questions About Outdoor Kitchens  

With the right design and plan, outdoor spaces can become extensions of your home. Offering fresh air, green space, and room to entertain, your outdoor space can be a valuable part of your home. Many homeowners think of outdoor living space as […]

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Hearth and Home: Why Add a Fireplace to Your Outdoor Remodel 

The Ancient Greeks believed that mankind became civilized when the god Prometheus stole fire from Olympus and brought it to Earth. Ever since these early times, fire has always been a symbol of humanity and […]

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