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2021 Home Remodeling Trends

February 10, 2021


2020 was a year like no other before, and one thing many homeowners learned is that their current space does not work for their needs. The role of the American home shifted from being a place of rest in the hours outside work or school to being a full-time, multifunctional working, learning and living space. 2021 is the year to update your home to meet these new needs. If you are a homeowner in Franklin, Brentwood or Nashville and you’re looking to remodel your home in 2021, RSU is your best choice for a local and experienced contractor. To get you started planning your project, here are some of the trends we expect to see for 2021 home remodels

Indoor Escapes 

In a time where people may be choosing to reduce travel, the opportunity to visit favorite vacation spots like the beach is less likely to arise. Design experts have predicted that 2021 will bring a return of coastal home styles, but this time it will look more earthy and natural than the ubiquitous bright blue and white coastal style seen in the last decade. Neutral, warm colors and natural materials for both building and decorating will be favorable over the cooler, more modern styles that have dominated home design in recent years. Wide plank wood or laminate flooring, warm neutral or blue and green paint colors, white kitchens with warm finishes, and light toned natural wood aspects are some examples of how you can implement this trend in your home remodel. Whether you want to remodel your entire house in your new style or focus on frequently used rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms, RSU Contractors will deliver high-quality design, materials, and workmanship from start to finish of your project.  

Larger Kitchens 

Many people have been cooking at home more often than they used to do. In our field, kitchen remodels are one of the most highly requested jobs – especially in homes built in the 1990s where the kitchen finishes are now outdated. However, upcoming kitchen remodel trends look to go beyond simple aesthetics. Having a smaller kitchen may have been okay when it was used less often, but when looking to remodel, homeowners are now prioritizing having a larger and more functional kitchen. Your kitchen should work for your entire family, and when you work RSU’s design team, you can truly structure your new kitchen layout to meet your unique needs. Along with size, built in organizational features are becoming a commonly requested remodel aspect. Kitchen features like “appliance garages” (where a cabinet extends or opens to reveal concealed workspaces, cooking gadgets, or anything else) and walk-in pantries are helping homeowners keep their cooking spaces more clean and organized during hectic times. With over 30 years of experience in remodeling, including high profile work with HGTV’s Property Brothers, RSU Contractors will help you achieve a beautiful and functional kitchen remodel that meets not only your needs but also your wants.  

Home Offices 

The zones of the home used to be a smaller list – often defined as living, sleeping, and service. The service zone typically includes spaces such as the kitchen, laundry room, and garage. Now, however, the traditional zones aren’t cutting it for many families. Where is the zone containing your work space or the kids’ learning center? Rooms that were never designed for this use have been upended to suit a purpose they are not intended to, and the result is often chaos and clutter. A few years ago you may not have considered adding a work zone to your home, but having a dedicated home office space (even if you do not currently work from home) will be a blessing should you ever find yourself in that position. With these new, functional zones added to your home, you can reserve the other zones for their original purpose and reduce the stress of having one room serve multiple, contrasting functions. Whether you want to build an addition to your home, remodel an unused bedroom or convert your attic or basement into your new home office space, RSU Contractors can bring your vision to life and help make your life at home easier and more organized.  

Choose RSU Contractors for Your 2021 Home Remodel 

If you are one of the many people who want to make a move to remodel their home in 2021, you need to choose the right contractor for the job. At RSU Contractors, we utilize our three decades of experience and our dedication to customer-first service to give you the best remodeling experience you will ever have. For updating the look of your home, creating a more functional kitchen, adding a home office and more, working with RSU Contractors is the right choice. With a free virtual or in-person consultation, you can get started on your 2021 remodeling project today. Call us at 615-269-3906 or request a consultation via our website to schedule a consultation with one of our design experts.