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3 Benefits of Choosing a Virtual Consultation for Your Home Renovation

April 12, 2021


Every home renovation project begins with an initial consultation. This is your chance to express your vision for your home to the contractor of your choice as well as a chance for the contractor to learn about your needs and show you exactly why they’re your best choice. While in-person consultations have long been considered standard, many contractors, including our team here at RSU, take advantage of advances in technology to conduct virtual consultations. For homeowners looking to kick off the process of a home renovation, a virtual consultation has many benefits. 

Convenience is Key  

Technology is wonderful because it allows us to do so many things with greater convenience, and renovation consultations are no exception. When you choose a virtual consultation, you get to begin the process on your own time. Typically, you will provide your contractor with photos of the areas in your home you wish to renovate, and the contracting team will provide just the same guidance and insight that you would receive in a face-to-face consultation. A contractor who knows their business will have no issue using a virtual consultation to get started. They can turn your vision into an actionable plan without ever having to step foot inside your home. When you choose a virtual design consultation with RSU, we will ask lots of questions, listen to your wants and needs, and help you decide on the best scope of work, a realistic budget and expected timelines. 

Meeting at a Distance  

Many people, including retired couples or those who work remotely, choose to spend part of their time at a vacation home somewhere like the lake, mountains, or beach. Homeowners like these are busy and may not always be at their primary residence to meet with a contractor. Virtual consultations for home renovations are perfect for homeowners on the go. Whether you’re at the cabin for the month or simply wish to meet virtually, you don’t have to delay starting on your home renovation project. Just as we would in an in-person design consultation, RSU will educate you on our processes and let you know why we are the best contractor for the job.  

Free and No-Obligations 

Whether it’s in-home or virtual, your consultation with RSU Contractors will always be free and with no obligations to choose us as your contractor (although we hope you will!). Not all contracting companies can say this. Some homeowners may feel pressure if they are welcoming a contracting company into their home, no matter how comfortable the contractor tries to make them feel. If you believe you may struggle with this kind of feeling, then choose a virtual design consultation! While for all intents and purposes, it’s just the same as an in-person consultation, you may feel more comfortable with a screen between you and the contractor as you try to decide whether to hire them. No matter what type of consultation you choose, RSU Contractors will never pressure you and hopes only to earn your business through honest, old fashioned hard work and respect.