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Adding a Home Office for Work & Play

June 1, 2021


Home office by The Property Brothers & RSU

With companies large and small beginning to offer fully remote jobs, working from home is becoming increasingly popular. However, finding the right home office setup can be challenging without a dedicated space. If you do not have a home office and are considering a renovation soon, here are four ways you can use a new home office for both work and play. 

Dedicated Workspace 

While this seems obvious, the significance of having a proper home office environment is not to be overlooked. You spend a majority of your waking hours in this space, so it needs to feel intentional and meet your job’s unique needs. This could involve adding built-in shelves, two desks, or a closet to store large equipment or filing cabinets if your job requires. Consider the amenities, number of electrical outlets, and ethernet access that you would have in a traditional office setting. Be sure to speak with your contractor to ensure these needs are met so you can work with ease.  

Homework Zone 

If your children typically do their homework at the dining table, this can create stress as you try to prepare for mealtimes. Having to clear off homework that is in progress can be disruptive to you and your family. After your workday is over, a home office can transform into a quiet study space where books and school projects can be spread out. Oftentimes, this can be ideal for children as well. If they have a desk in their bedroom, they may begin to resent the space. Keeping school work separate from their rooms can create healthy study patterns and improve their environment. 

Weekend Craft Corner 

It is common for home renovations to focus on creating purposeful spaces to meet each family member’s immediate needs. Hobbies can be left out of this consideration, but adding a home office allows for you to have a space where your hobbies can thrive. If you added a small closet for a filing cabinet, this closet could also store any craft supplies that you or your children enjoy using. Keeping projects contained to one room allows for easier cleanup, while unfinished artwork may be left out undisturbed. 

Rainy Day Reading Nook 

If your plans for a home office include a window, you can add bench seating underneath to create a cozy reading space. Storage can be created below the bench for books, and built-in shelves can be added on either side. For the bibliophiles in your family, this can be an excellent place to store and read books. Children who may need a break from studying at a desk can also benefit from using a calming space such as a reading nook, and a change of environment can often spark more creativity while learning.  

By adding small, multi-use aspects to your home office, you can guarantee it will be a popular room, even outside of your 9-5 job. This allows your house to remain clutter-free while creating space for more activities from homework to creative projects and more. To speak with a professional about adding a home office to your next renovation, contact RSU Contractors at (615) 269-3906 today.