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Bathroom Remodeling 101

May 20, 2021


A large number of homes today follow the standard ratio of two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. While this may be a median figure, it is extremely common to see homes built after 1990 with 3.5 baths or more, meaning these rooms are more likely to require changes over time. As your style evolves or you decide to update choices a previous owner made, bathrooms can become one of the most crucial rooms to renovate. It involves so much more than simply changing the wall color and replacing old drawer pulls, and it can be hard to know where to begin. Here, we outline a few considerations for your next bathroom remodel so you can complete the project with confidence. 

Curate a Vision

Start by standing in your current bathroom and take note of the aspects you like. If the layout is already functional and to your taste, start to gather ideas on the aesthetic and finishes you would like to use to update the space. This can include cabinet materials and countertop colors for a new custom vanity or new tile for a shower. 

However, many bathrooms may need more robust changes. If you do not like the current layout and feel it could be more functional, it is helpful to know this in advance and speak with your renovation contractor about opportunities to alter the bathroom significantly. 

Keep vs. Change

Once you have outlined your vision and what you like or do not like about the bath, it is time to decide what you will keep, if anything, and what changes you would like to see. Make your list of “must haves” and review this with your contractor and design team. Decide what current features are important to maintain, whether that is original hardwood flooring, a unique custom vanity, or antique light fixtures. 

Your contractor will need to know which features to keep so these can be protected during the remodel. This also ensures that all new updates are made to suit the design of these existing features. If you plan to add significant structural elements such as a commode closet or clawfoot bathtub, your contractor can also help you select the appropriate place for this change. 

Customize Carefully 

One of the most exciting reasons to remodel your bathroom is for the opportunity to customize an important space where you may begin and end your day. Think about your morning and nighttime routine – how much time do you spend in the bathroom? This can have an effect on the amount of lighting you will need, and you may want to add a window if there is a lack of natural light. 

Your lifestyle can influence the amount of storage you need available in your vanities, and perhaps you may want to add an adjacent linen closet to contain self-care products, cleaning supplies, and fresh towels. Make sure each customization is aligned with your routine and personal needs. Additionally, you have the opportunity to select materials like tile, standalone tubs, new vanities, and fixtures that represent your own unique style. 

If you have been considering a bathroom remodel, the professionals at RSU Contractors are the premier Nashville-area choice. With decades of experience and a team dedicated to customer satisfaction, RSU Contractors can make your dream bathroom into a reality. Call (615) 269-3906 today for a virtual or in-home consultation to help start you on the path toward your project.