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Four Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Renovations Contractor

August 27, 2021


Your home is a source of pride and comfort to you and your family. As it becomes time to expand or renovate your existing space, you want a contractor who understands both your home and your needs. The quality of the work is very important, but being able to communicate and coordinate with you as the homeowner is just as vital in the overall experience.

RSU Contractors is a premier builder in the Middle Tennessee area. Here are four qualities they embody and that you should look for in any contracting partner, regardless of your location.


By choosing a contractor with a strong local presence, you receive high-quality care from a team that understands the area where you live. Before you select your contractor, give their office a call to set up a consultation to get an in-person feel for what it will be like to work with them. RSU has been serving Middle Tennessee homeowners since 1982 and employs local supervisors and subcontractors to ensure your work is completed by neighbors who share pride in your area.

Premium Quality

A contractor may complete a project in record time or use cutting-edge design trends, but these are pointless if the contractor does not produce premium-quality work. You should not compromise when it comes to the structural integrity and safety of your home. RSU understands this and follows a proven Quality Control Program using top-rated materials and professional tradesmen. RSU also carries general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Great Communication

Understanding the scope of the project and how each stage will be completed is vital for you as a homeowner, and it is your contractor’s role to establish and communicate this. During your initial interviews, ask how you will be able to receive updates from your project supervisor as the work is completed. RSU works hard to communicate with you by having personally monitored office phones, as well as dedicated cell phones for your project supervisor. You will also meet with the sales and production teams at preset intervals to ensure your satisfaction during every stage of the project.

Referrals & References

Perhaps the best way to determine a contractor’s quality and customer satisfaction is by asking them for references. Contact their references and determine if this is the best contractor for you based on their referral or feedback. Repeat business is another strong sign. RSU Contractors have partnered with HGTV’s Property Brothers for Middle Tennessee renovations on several episodes to help renovate many family homes. To see examples of this work, visit the photo gallery here.

Choosing the right contractor for your home and family is an important process. These four qualities are among the top to look out for as you determine your plans to renovate your home. To schedule a consultation with one of the experts at RSU Constructors, call (615) 269-3906 or submit an inquiry here.