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June 20, 2022


Many homeowners and aspiring homeowners watch HGTV for home design and remodeling ideas. If you are a fan of the Property Brothers, you may have seen RSU Contractors in several episodes! RSU loves working with the Property Brothers and creating beautiful homes for folks in the Middle Tennessee Area.

Working with The Property Brothers

When the Property Brothers saw Nashville, they fell in love! Nashville is a popular tourist destination. The Middle Tennessee area is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Nashville offers a diverse population and innumerable renovating opportunities. With more and more people moving to the area, there is a growing demand for homes (and homes that fit the homeowner’s style).

RSU Contractors and the Property Brothers started working together in 2017. RSU was on several seasons of the Property Brothers show. We collaborated again for “Making it Home with Kortney & Dave” and now “Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny,” which are shows produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment Altogether our relationship is 15 shows strong!

Homeowners interested in being featured on the show can follow an HGTV network web link to apply. The main deciding factors are the scope of work resulting in dramatic change (at least 3-4 rooms), budget, timeframe, homeowner personalities, and the willingness to live elsewhere during the timespan of the remodel so the “reveal” will be a surprise.

The Remodel Process

RSU and Scott Brothers Entertainment work together for the design process. RSU collaborates by conducting a site visit, creating a written work scope, and performing an investment review. The designer, assigned by Scott Brothers Entertainment, creates the design, then both design and written work scope with pricing is presented to the homeowner for approval. Not long after, we complete a remodel that is seen on HGTV!

The whole remodel process takes about 7-8 weeks to complete. “Demo Day” is the start of the construction process. Demolition is a part of the show, and sometimes the homeowners get in on the action! We have several remodel check-ins during the process and conduct problem-solving steps if any issues arise. After the remodel is complete, comes the highly anticipated reveal to the homeowners!

The Property Brothers and RSU

According to the producers at Scott Brothers Entertainment, RSU is on their list of highly trusted contractors. We accept this compliment with pride and honor! Due to production schedules, there is little room for error and rescheduling. RSU steps up to the plate and is known for being prepared and producing beautiful, meticulous work time and time again.

The Future

RSU is currently working with the Property Brothers on two projects for “Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny.” RSU is always ready for the typical issues, but a remodel can be unpredictable. We never know for certain what issues we may face until we start the demo on a project.

Remodeling is an “all-in” thing, so once the process starts, you deal with any issues that arise and carry on. The shows are great reflections of real-time remodeling. Sometimes impromptu decisions are necessary, but we regroup and keep going! Our third remodel this season with Scott Brothers Entertainment will begin in July 2022, so you can expect to see plenty of RSU with Scott Brothers Entertainment this year.

If you’re interested in working with RSU Contractors for your home remodel, contact us today to start the process of creating your dream home!