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Making the Most of Your Square Footage

October 18, 2022


The average new house built today is between 2,300 and 2,700 square feet. That’s roughly 1,000 more square feet than the typical home just a few decades ago. Most families today desire separate bedrooms for the children, larger kitchens and family rooms, and more than one bathroom. In addition, people today own more furniture and belongings which requires more space.

Do you need more space in your home? Keep reading for ideas on how to maximize your space and make the most of your square footage!

Open Space

Rethink Your Design, Layout, and How You’re Using Your Space

Does your current floor plan work the way you want it? When areas of the house feel too closed off, a home can feel significantly smaller than it is. Opening up your floor plan is the best way to visibly free up space and make a home feel less cramped.

Are there any rooms or nooks that you aren’t utilizing as much as you could? Two small rooms with limited use can be converted to a large room by removing a wall. Conversely, walls can be added to make more rooms out of a larger space. Evaluate your space and consider how you can reconfigure it to include a home office, exercise room, or even a nursery!

Open Floor Plan

Consider the changes that would make your home easier to navigate. Reconfiguring your home’s layout can make your home feel bigger. Knocking down walls, changing the kitchen layout, and even adding a window or two can make the most of a space. If a kitchen is too cramped with cabinetry or if the layout isn’t advantageous, it can make the space feel smaller than it is. Talk to an RSU Designer about what changes you can make in your home!

If you need more square footage, it may be time to talk about home additions! RSU’s blog on home additions can help provide you with more information.

Home office

Incorporate Creative Storage Options

Many homeowners have more space for storage than they realize! The space underneath a staircase is often overlooked. By installing shelving or cabinetry under your staircase, you can utilize that space for additional storage.

Don’t overlook your corners! Many of us are guilty of shoving a plant into a corner and calling it a day. However, corners can provide excellent space for storage that you may not be currently using. Corner shelving and cabinets are a feature many homeowners are incorporating into their homes to make better use of the space!

Under Stairs Storage

Depending on your staircase, you may have space you were unaware of! Utilize the space under your stairs and turn them into storage options. You can incorporate shelves and cabinetry under your staircase to store items like pet supplies, shoes, blankets, photo albums, seasonal décor, and more!

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