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Property Protection Program  

May 10, 2022


RSU Contractors has been in the home renovation business since 1982. As a state-licensed general contractor, we have the experience necessary to give our clients the smoothest renovation process possible. RSU has its Property Protection Program in place to ensure every client has the best remodeling experience. Our goal is to protect your property during the remodeling process. We want your kids, pets, and property to stay safe while we work.   

Our remodeling consultants work with our clients to determine the specific needs of their remodel job. Every remodeling project is unique, so each project has a dedicated supervisor. RSU conducts routine meetings and phone calls during working hours to ensure everything is running smoothly. The key to a highly successful project is a good game plan—and we create project proposals and outlines for every client so they know what to expect every step of the way.    


RSU can provide security and isolation barriers so you can still live and work in your home throughout the remodeling process. We can also provide a lockbox that houses your key and requires a code to access. You’ll feel safe knowing that only authorized personnel will have access.   

Our employees are screened thoroughly before being hired. All subcontractors and suppliers who might work on your project are screened to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards and guidelines.   

RSU carries up to $1 million in general liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you and your property in case of an accident.   

On-Site Routines & Management   

Every project has a project supervisor that keeps the plan on track. The supervisor will be the primary liaison between RSU Contractors and clients once work begins. Your project supervisor will make every effort to keep the project on schedule and will continually update you on the status of your remodel. We conduct routine RSU Quality Control procedures throughout the completion of the project.   

You will never be left wondering how your project is going with RSU Contractors. We maintain communication with clients and notify them of any issues and potential disruptions during the construction process.   

RSU has on-site routines. We complete periodic site cleanup to ensure nothing’s left where it shouldn’t be. Interior walkways can be protected with floor coverings and drop cloths to ensure we don’t leave a mess.   

We install dust barriers and tarps to mitigate the travel of dust and debris and keep it contained in the project area. Plastic sheets can be placed over furniture and other home items to ensure nothing gets damaged. We also use tarps to cover any exposed areas during the renovation process.   

RSU can provide whatever temporary protection is needed throughout the project. We will also contact utility companies to mark service lines to mitigate the risk of cutting a line.   

RSU Contractors is committed to our Property Protection Program and more. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at (615) 269-3906. RSU is one of Middle Tennessee’s premier home remodeling companies. Contact us today!