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Remodeling Your Bathroom- What Style Is Best?

July 10, 2022


No one wants to use an old, dingy bathroom! Bathrooms are the most popular remodeling projects after kitchens. An updated bathroom can significantly improve the value of your property–and your enjoyment of your home.

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom into your very own spa-like getaway or a simpler, understated yet classic bathroom, RSU Contractors is here to give you the bathroom remodel of your dreams. Need some ideas for your bathroom remodel? Here are some of the styles and features that are trending:

The Timeless Bathroom

A classic, timeless bathroom is always on trend and never goes out of style. Simple, clean lines and details that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye without making a strong statement. Many of our clients seek a timeless bathroom because they’ll know it will be appreciated for years to come. Classic, neutral tile and countertops blend well with a soft, yet aesthetically pleasing floor.

Keep it simple with a light-colored vanity and top it off with a clean white marble or quartz countertop. If you want a bit of color, consider painting the cabinets a muted blue. A standalone walk-in shower with thick, frameless glass adds a touch of modernity to the bathroom. For tile, opt for white, cream, or light gray marble. If you want a twist on timeless subway tiles, consider having them installed vertically rather than horizontally. Consider sleek nickel or bronze hardware that doesn’t draw too much attention.

The main goal behind the timeless bathroom is that it’s nice and soothing, looks clean, and also provides functionality to go with the design.

A Spa-Like “Natural” Design

Homeowners have been creating their own spa-like settings in the very place where they reside. In recent years, self-care has been at the forefront of many peoples’ minds. If you can’t go to the spa, create your own!

Consider including more natural elements in your bathroom with natural or faux stone tiles. Neutral, earthy tones are a must for these serene environments. Lighter-stained wood vanities with minimalist hardware add to the spa feel. Choose a light marble or quartz countertop or add some moody contrast with dark marble or polished concrete look. A standalone tub or shower with a rain showerhead creates the perfect spa experience without leaving home. Take it a step further with customizable lighting that you can dim or brighten with your mood.

Nature-themed murals are gaining traction in the design world, so consider having a statement wall in your bathroom with nature-inspired mural wallpaper. If this is too much for you, consider hanging an inspiring natural landscape portrait in the bathroom. Don’t forget to incorporate natural greenery with plants!

Texture, Color, or Both

Texture and color—sometimes both—have been making waves as we move from functionally-designed spaces to spaces full of added personalized flair. Consider experimenting with a mixture of tile patterns and pops of color in unexpected places like grout or trim! The tile doesn’t have to be square. Think outside the box with a herringbone tile pattern or other shapes like fish scale, hexagonal or octagonal. Incorporate color and texture with a fun sea glass or river stone tile.

Another way to add texture is with the sink! Hammered stainless or copper sinks catch light in fun ways that other sinks don’t while providing a unique color and texture. If you want a more country-inspired charm to your bathroom, consider going for beadboard panel cabinets for a charming cottage look.

The style you want for your bathroom always bubbles down to what you like! Our RSU designers can assist you with the design process and material selection. Bathroom remodels are one of RSU’s specialties. Call us today to schedule a consultation!