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Why You Should Hire a Contractor Instead of “Do It Yourself” Remodeling    

August 10, 2022


Kitchen Remodel by RSU

There are some things you just shouldn’t attempt to DIY. Some projects are better left to the professionals. So, before trying to do that big project on your own, consider everything that will go into your project and whether or not you’ll be able to accomplish everything yourself.     

A small project like painting a bedroom is a simple, DIY job that many can do. Projects that require electrical and plumbing work should typically be left to the professionals. In general, it is not a good idea to tackle an entire kitchen or bathroom renovation yourself. 

#1 Save Time and Money     

You may think a DIY project will help you save money, but it’ll take up your valuable time and may even cost you more than you think in the long run. If you try to do a project yourself and give up, it may take a contractor more time (and money) to fix your mistakes than if the contractor did the whole project.     

The remodeling project will take you longer to complete on your own. If you’re inexperienced, you will need to learn everything along the way.  Your job, caring for your family or other personal responsibilities could interfere with your ability to complete the project.  

Licensed, experienced contractors can often get materials at a discount. Experienced contractors have established relationships with local retailers and often get discounts for being long-time customers. A licensed contractor may also be able to get materials more quickly than the average person ordering from the local big-box store.     

Long-time contractors also have plenty of experience with scheduling projects. They know how long it’ll take to get something done and can schedule materials and other necessities accordingly. Contractors make the whole process easier so you can go about your daily life.     

#2 There Are Building Codes to Follow    

All renovations or remodels must follow the standard building code. If they don’t, an inspector will discover it, and it can be costly to correct mistakes. This is especially important if you have future plans to sell your home. Either you will be tasked with ensuring everything is redone to follow the code, or you will suffer financial loss at signing. 

Experienced contractors will ensure everything follows the code as they work. They will also take care of acquiring any permits your project may need, so you don’t have to worry.     

#3 No Tools, No Problem 

Not everyone has a well-stocked toolbox or stash of power tools. Rental tools aren’t always available. And, if you don’t know how to use power tools, it’s probably best not to learn when working on a DIY project. If you make a mistake or break a rental, it can be expensive to replace or fix.     

Trust the tools to the licensed professionals with experience (and insurance!) to deal with power tools. They know what they’re doing, meaning your project will be done effectively and efficiently.     

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